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2016-17 Cruise Ship Season

Data: 25 Oct - 22 May 2017

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The 2016-17 cruise ship season starts on Tuesday 25 October and is set to deliver another record year for cruise visits.

The season will run from October 2016 to May 2017 and is sure to keep our team busy as we gear up to welcome approximately 258,000 passengers into Melbourne.

Season points of interest:

  • 96 total visits for the season
  • Out of this total, there will be 84 visits to Station Pier
  • 12 visits to regional Victoria:
  • Four visits to Phillip Island
  • Two visits to Geelong
  • Four visits to Portland
  • Two visits to Mornington
  • 35 *turnaround visits (turnaround – end of journey with full passenger disembarkation)
  • Four *partial turnaround visits (partial turnaround – approximate 500 passengers disembarking ship)
  • Eight ships with maiden visit
  • 11 ships with overnight stay
  • Eight days when two or more cruise ships are docking at Station Pier simultaneously
  • Celebrity Solstice is the largest ship for the season with a total capacity of 4152 passengers
  • Four high profile visits
  • Queen Mary 2 (18 and 22 February 2017)
  • Queen Victoria (13 March 2017)
  • The World (13 March 2017)

Operational highlights:

  • Port of Melbourne for the first time will be welcoming transit ships on turnaround days. Ships must be from the same shipping fleet/agency.
  • Via the Business & Tourism Melbourne team, the City Of Melbourne (BTM) is providing service on one turnaround day (Thursday 12 January – Masdaam).
  • BTM is providing service on four partial turnaround days:
  • Queen Mary 2
  • Queen Victoria
  • Aurora
  • BTM is providing service at Station Pier and at the Arts Centre on 48 operational days.
  • 13 supervisors will oversee the delivery of operation throughout the season.
  • 69 volunteers assisting throughout the season.

Industry partners:

Via the Business & Tourism Melbourne team, the City Of Melbourne works closely with the following industry partners in the delivery of the season:

  • Port of Melbourne Corporation
  • Visit Victoria
  • Public Transport Victoria (PTV)
  • Yarra Trams
  • City of Port Phillip

More information on the Port of Melbourne cruise ship schedule:


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